The application for registering as an authorized user is to be forwarded by the Head of Dept./Organisation on the Letter-Head at the mailing address mentioned. Upon receipt of application, NIC Bihar State Centre will issue a user-id and password which can subsequently be used to upload/delete the tender documents related to that govt. department.


The user department must have a computer system connected to Internet through LAN or Dial-up Networking for this purpose.







The State Informatics Officer,

NIC Bihar State Centre

3rd Floor, Technology Bhawan, Bailey Road, Patna - 800 015.


Subject: Application for registering as Authorised User of Tender Web-Site.




Kindly accept this application on behalf of the ..................... (name of dept./organisation) towards registration with the Tender Web-Site hosted by NIC Bihar State Centre. This dept/organisation has a computer system connected to Internet through LAN/Dial-up Networking/BroadBand* and the details of person who has been selected to publish and manage tender documents related to this department on the said web-site is as given here -


1. Name:

2. Designation:

3. Phone:

4. Office Address:

5. E-Mail Address (if any):


You may kindly arrange to provide a brief training session for him/her so as explain the process of publishing of tender documents and their modifications (if required) on the said web-site using the login-id/password issued.


Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,



( .......................)

Seal of the Head of Dept./Organisation


* strike-out whichever is not applicable.





Note: This facility is presently limited to such govt. websites that are already hosted with NIC Bihar State Centre, Patna.