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Given below is the list of all such tenders that have expired within last 90 days. These can be viewed by clicking on the NIT Number of them. The system automatically removes such tenders that expired more than three month ago.


 Expired Tenders
SL NIT Views Subject Expiry Date
1.07/07/HC/Esstt/1 ..376Restaurant at Hotel Kautilya Vihar, Patna.
[See Corrigendum!]
2.BRPNNL/EPD/363349Structural Design and Necessary Design Detailing for Balance Work of Swap and Grade Separated U-turn based multi sectional interchange at Bailey Road, Patna (In Between Lalit Bhawan to Vidyut Bhawan) with multiple underpass, Flyover, Elevated Section, U Girders of Extra Dosed Cable stayed structures with state of the art, pavement finished road appurtenances, pedestrian crossing, software controlled Solar Light, Landscaping and integrated drainage system etc. commonly known Ram Manohar Lohia Path Chakra.
[See Corrigendum!]
3.PS-01-2019Dated- ..113For Design,Supply ,Installation and Commissioning of an Integrated Functional Full Dome Digital 8K-2D and 3D Immersive Projection System at Indira Gandhi Science Complex Planetarium, Patna10/04/2019
4.04/NULM-01/2019/ ..623Request for proposal for the consultancy services for preparation of City Vending Planacross 11 Nagar Nigams.
[See Corrigendum!]
5.BRPNNL/KHG/453201खगड़िया जिलांतर्गत चौथम प्रखंड में बागमती नदी के नवादा घाट पर 20X24.75 मी. आकार का उच्चस्तरीय आर.सी.सी. पुल का निर्माण कार्य ।
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