Old Tenders

Given below is the list of all such tenders that have expired within last 90 days. These can be viewed by clicking on the NIT Number of them. The system automatically removes such tenders that expired more than three month ago.


 Expired Tenders
SL NIT Views Subject Expiry Date
1.BRPNNL/GAY/C003/ ..185जहानाबाद जिलान्तर्गत घोषी-इस्लामपुर-गिरियक पथ के 16वें कि.मी. में रतन विगहा अवस्थित फल्गु नदी पर क्षतिग्रस्त पुल के स्थान पर नये उच्च्स्तरीय आर.सी.सी.पुल (19 X 18.00 मी.आकार का ) सहित बचाव कार्य, पहुंच पथ निर्माण कार्य, डायभर्सन निर्माण कार्य एवं विविध कार्य ।19/06/2018
2.BRPNNL/PT1/G021/ ..99पटना स्थित मीठापुर-चिरैंयाटाड़ भाया रेलवे स्टेशन नव निर्मित फ्लाईओभर के पाया स.30 और 31 चिरैंयाटाड़-एक्जीविशन रोड फ्लाईओभर को जोड़ने हेतु एक अतिरिक्त सिरा (Extra Arm) का निर्माण कार्य ।19/06/2018
3.FMISC/EOI/01/201 ..178Designing, Developing and Deploying Structure of Master Module for Embankment Asset Management System for River Basins in Bihar with Specific Data Population for Gandak Basin.19/06/2018
4.YAC/04/2018-19199Tender Notice: Sealed quotations are invited under Two-Bid System from reputed agencies to provide Security Services (Ex-Army Personnel Only) for Bihar Museum Society, Patna.19/06/2018
5.02/2018193Tender Notice: Sealed quotations are invited from eligible bidders for AMC of 78 Nos. of Air Conditioners (ACs) along with voltage stabilizers installed in the Finance Dept., Govt. of Bihar, Patna.18/06/2018
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