Publishing Notes


Those who will be sending in their tenders to be published via NIC Bihar State Centre on this web-site, need to ensure that following requirements are met:

  1. The tender document must be in electronic format. That is, it should be typed in a computer using a word-processor like MS-Word or Page-Maker 6.5.
  2. The tender should include a specific number (also known as NIT Number) issued from the concerned department for easy identification.
  3. The date of publication and date of expiry of the tender should be clearly marked.
  4. Since each tender that is displayed on this web-site needs to have a brief description in English, each tender document will need to have this information separately typed within the document in English only (even when the rest of the tender contents are in Hindi).
  5. Tender documents typed in Hindi should be in DevLys type-face (010, 020 or 040) with a font size of 14, 16 or 18 points so that they can be easily opened by concerned person on his/her computer system without causing undue loss of formatting.


  1. Expired tender documents are maintained in the archive for 90 days only. After that, the expired document is deleted and web-space is claimed back for hosting new tender document.
  2. As per state govt. directive, any Tender, RFP or EOI that has total value exceeding Rs. 25 Lakhs must be hosted on portal, or similarly equipped/qualified tender publishing platform. This specific tender website is meant for publishing of tender documents below Rs. 25 Lakhs only.