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 Tenders of Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Ltd.
SL NIT Views Subject Expiry Date
1.BRPNNL/MZF/C029/ ..95Construction of (1) Road Development (2) Drainage (3) Electric Light-High Mast/Road light (4) Repair of Administrative Building if any (5) Toilet Block of Krishi Bazar Samiti, Vaishali, Phase -1 30/09/2020
2.BRPNNL/SRN/51770गोपालगंज जिलांतर्गत जलालपुर चेकपोस्ट पर PIT Type Electronic road weigh Bridge (100 Tonne Capacity Digital type with I-Net Application) Station, Control Room Building and Approach Road का निर्माण कार्य U/S - Gopalganj to Gorakhpur - 1 no weigh bridge. D/S - Gorakhpur to Gopalganj - 1 no weigh bridge. 30/09/2020
3.BRPNNL/KAT/932116Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Ltd (BRPNNL), a Government of Bihar undertaking, invites Proposals in Two Bid System (Technical and Financial) from eligible Firms/Contractors/Agencies or Companies empanelled in appropriate category with RCD, Govt. of Bihar/BRPNNL/MES/CPWD/Railways or Central Government/any State Government or any PUS for the following work. Those not registered with BRPNNL will have to get registered with BRPNNL in the event of award of contract of them.03/10/2020
4.BRPNNL/NAL/80556A.A.) Transportation, Repair and Installation of Weigh Bridge from Transport Nagar, Patna to Rajauli Check Post, Nawada.B.B.) Construction of PIT, Repairing &renovation of existing structure, PHE Work, Electrical Work and Furniture Work.05/10/2020
5.BRPNNL/KHG/1541183खगड़िया जिलांतर्गत जननायक कर्पूरी ठाकुर अति पिछ्ड़ा वर्ग कल्याण छात्रावास भवन का निर्मान कार्य ।06/10/2020
6.BRPNNL/GAY/C003/ ..91Construction of BTMC office building and VIP block (Bodhgaya) in the District of Gaya , Bihar on EPC Mode.07/10/2020
7.BRPNNL/GAY/C003/ ..56गया जिलांतर्गत डोभी चेकपोस्ट पर Pit/Pit less type digital Static Electronic Road Weigh bridge station (100 tonne capacity) including control room building, approach road, electrical & P.H.E. work in U/S & D/S side का निर्माण कार्य । U/S - Kolkata to Delhi - 2 nos weigh bridge. D/S - Delhi to Kolkata - 1 no weigh bridge.
[See Corrigendum!]
8.BRPNNL/PT1/C001/ ..59Construction of Multi-Storied Office Complex (Pre fabricated Steel Structure based- B+G+5- Total Built up Area 39000 sqft) in Godown cum J.E. Office Campus of New Capital Division RCD, GoB near R Block at Patna. 12/10/2020
9.BRPNNL/PT1/C001/ ..77Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Ltd (BRPNNL), a Government of Bihar undertaking, invites Proposal for PROVIDING CANTEEN SERVICES of Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Ltd, 7 Sardar Patel Marg, Patna 800015 for a period of two years in Two Bid System (Technical and Financial) from eligible Firms Contractors/Agencies of Companies, empanelled in appropriate category of RCD, Govt. of Bihar, MES, CPWD, Railways, BRPNNL or equivalent for the following works on ITEM RATE BASIS. 15/10/2020
10.BRPNN/PT1/C001/2 ..78Construction/ Re-development of (1) Main Gate (2) Boundary Wall (3) Main Approach Road including Median (with Plantation) (4) Branch Road (5) Main Drain (6) Branch Drain (7) Guard Room and Toilet Block with Plumbing & Sanitary fittings and Electrical works (8) Campus Development with sand filling and paver block at Agricultural Production Marketing Board (dissolved), Mushllahpur, Patna. 17/10/2020
11.BRPNNL/PT1/208065Construction of Pedestrian Subway (Combination of Both At-Grade & Underground) from proposed Smart City Hub near GPO Golumber to Patna Junction via Multi-level parking with Escalator. Travelator, Walk-way and Lift including shifting of all required utilities in Patna. (Total Length- 440 mtr.)17/10/2020
12.BRPNNL/PT1/C001/ ..44Construction of Overbridge Connectivity from Station Road flyover (from P7-P8) to Mutl Level Parking in Patna, having carriage width 5.5 Meter. 27/10/2020
13.BRPNNL/NAL/806112Construction, Rehabilitation and upgrading to 2-lane with paved shoulder configuration and strengthening of existing road Salepur-Narsanda-Telmar-Karouta under the district of Nalanda. (Total Length-19.767Km). 31/10/2020


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