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 Tenders of Energy Dept.
SL NIT Views Subject Expiry Date
1.75/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..78DRBB : 1212K, 1213K, Thrust Bearing : 1216K, 51117, Ball Bearing : 6015, 6020, 6307, 6309, 6311/C3, 6313, 6314, 6405, 7315, TRB : 22311CCK, 29412, 29415, 29326, RB : 30316, SRBB : NU2213
[See Corrigendum!]
2.87/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..148Communication Gadget for CISF unit BTPS28/06/2017
3.94/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..74Supply and fitting of furniture items in the office of BSPGCL at 5th floor of Vidyut Bhawan-I28/06/2017
4.69/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..199Design, supply of specialized chemicals including operation and monitoring of dosing,chemical analysis of water, recording of data of performance, monitoring of equipments etc. for chemical treatment of cooling water at 33,00,0001-Barauni Thermal Power Station for Unit no -7 ( 110 MW) to control scale corrosion and microbiological fouling.
[See Corrigendum!]
5.93/PR/BSPGCL/209 ..96Boundary wall painting and fixing concertina wire at top of boundary wall at 2x250 MW Barauni Thermal Power Station Extension Project.29/06/2017
6.97/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..86Bearings of LT motor, HT motor and CHP & BOP area 06/07/2017
7.95/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..141Contract for Operation and Maintenance work of Coal Handling Plant(CHP) Unit 6 & 7 (2 X 110 MW) at Barauni Thermal Power Station(BTPS), Begusarai11/07/2017
8.96/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..123Contract for Housekeeping of Overall plant except CHP of Unit No - 06 & 07 (2X 110 MW) of BTPS, Begusarai11/07/2017
9.98/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..38Consultancy Services for providing Topographical survey, Geo Technical investigation including preparation of DPR/Design Engineering, Estimates, Tender documents, Owner's Engineering, Project Management at site for construction of Ash Dyke and outpost for security in Ash Dyke area for 2x250 MW Extension Project at Barauni Thermal Power Station in District Begusarai, Bihar.11/07/2017
10.99/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..23Procurement of different electrical materials of MCC Panels and other electrical materials of Electrical system of BOP area and CHP of Unit No.07 (110 MW) at BTPS, Begusarai.12/07/2017


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