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 Tender Type: Miscellaneous
SL NIT Views Subject Expiry Date
1.98/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..306Consultancy Services for providing Topographical survey, Geo Technical investigation including preparation of DPR/Design Engineering, Estimates, Tender documents, Owner's Engineering, Project Management at site for construction of Ash Dyke and outpost for security in Ash Dyke area for 2x250 MW Extension Project at Barauni Thermal Power Station in District Begusarai, Bihar.
[See Corrigendum!]
2.BGCMS/2015/15/O1500Notice lnviting Bids for selection of cansultancy firm for setting up of Project Management Unit (PMU) under Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) in Bihar.21/08/2017
3.100/PR/BSPGCL/20 ..158Ash Water Re circulation System from HFC ash dyke to ash water reservoir of 2x110 MW at BTPS.
[See Corrigendum!]
4.106/PR/BSPGCL/20 ..43Settlement of BTPS Fish Ponds, its cleaning, breeding & fishing in the ponds situated in BTPS colony near Auditorium & Hospital at BTPS for a period of three year.24/08/2017
5.99/PR/BSPGCL/201 ..182Procurement of different electrical materials of MCC Panels and other electrical materials of Electrical system of BOP area and CHP of Unit No.07 (110 MW) at BTPS, Begusarai.
[See Corrigendum!]


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