Tenders by Type

Given below is the list of tenders of Buy/Sell type that are still active. Click on NIT Number of any of the tenders to view.


 Tenders of Buy/Sell Type
SL NIT Views Subject Expiry Date
1.No11/Na0Vi0/Ma0P ..459NIP for Selection of Consultancy Firms for "Preparation of GIS Based Master Plan of 21 Planning Areas covering 22 AMRUT Towns of Bihar."24/04/2019
2.BRPNNL/SRN/115378Construction of Double Deck Fly Over from Gandhi Chowk to Nagarpalika Chowk in Chhapra Town of District Saran under C.R.F. (Total Length of Upper and Lower Deck is (6620 Mtrs).28/04/2019
3.BRPNNL/PT1/420635Consultancy firm for preparation of D.P.R. for Construction of 4-Lane H.L. / Extradosed Cable bridge on River Ganga parallel to Western side of Digha-Sonepur Rail-cum-Road bridge at Patna, Bihar.30/04/2019
4.BRPNNL/ARA/204365Procurement of Services of Project Management Consultant/ Supervision Consultants for Six Ropeways namely “Construction of Passenger Ropeway System at Rohtashgarh Hill in Rohtas District, Mundeshwari Hill in Kaimur District, Brahmayoni Hill, Dungeshwari Hill, Pretshila Hill in Gaya District and Vanabar Hill in Jehanabad District in the State of Bihar.03/05/2019
5.BRPNNL/PT1/476233पटना जिलांतर्गत पुनपुन पिण्डदान स्थल पर लक्ष्मण झुला के समतुल्य Cable Suspension Bridge का निर्माण कार्य ।11/05/2019
6.BRPNNL/PT1/560412Preparation of Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Patna Metropolitan.15/05/2019
7.BRPNNL/PT1/559204Expression of Interest is invited from reputed firms for SIC (Supplying, Installation & Commissioning) of Heating arrangement of water in Swimming Pool (50m x 25m x 2.5m Approx) Situated beside IAS Bhawan near Patna Airport Patna to make it all weather usable along with Thermal Pool cover 400 micron standard model with roller etc. and Annual operation and Comprehensive Maintenance for next five years.. 21/05/2019
8.AHD/906/2018-191416Re-Tender Notice: District Animal Husbandry Officer, Araria invites sealed quotations under Two-Bid System to Fix the Rate of Supply of Dry Fodder for possible flood/drought affected blocks in the financial year 2018-19.27/07/2019


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