Given below is the list of Corrigendum Documents that have been added to original tender after its publication. By clicking on NIT Number of any of these tenders, you can bring up the matter in a new browser window for viewing or printing.


 Updated Tenders ...
SL NIT Dated Corrigendum Title Expiry Date
1.112/PR/BSPGCL/20 ..17/10/2017Tender Extension Notice14/11/2017
2.28/PR/BSPHCL/201 ..17/10/2017Tender extension notice30/10/2017
3.29/PR/BSPHCL/201 ..17/10/2017Tender extension notice14/11/2017
4.BRPNN/Pat-11822d ..16/10/2017Corrigendum_Patna-1_2012 dt.14.10.2017 (1822 dt.12.09.2017)01/11/2017
5.IND/2017-18/0513/10/2017Corrigendum 1: Last date for submission of bid extended to 02-11-2017. EMD can now be submitted as Demand Draft as well.02/11/2017
6.115/PR/BSPGCL/20 ..12/10/2017Tender Extension Notice23/10/2017
7.23/PR/BSPHCL/201 ..12/10/20172nd tender extension notice30/10/2017
8.BSSC-2017/02/JAM ..09/10/2017Corrigendum 1: Last date for submission of bids has been extended to 31st October, 2017. The Technical Bids will now be opened on 31-10-2017 at 3:00 pm.31/10/2017
9.22/PR/BSPHCL/201 ..05/10/2017Tender Extension Notice23/10/2017
10.22/PR/BSPHCL/201 ..19/09/2017Extension Notice for Tender 23/10/2017


Corrigendum documents will come up in a new window using MS-Word and/or Acrobat Reader installed in your system.