Old Tenders

Given below is the list of all such tenders that have expired within last 90 days. These can be viewed by clicking on the NIT Number of them. The system automatically removes such tenders that expired more than three month ago.


 Expired Tenders of 060
SL NIT Views Subject Expiry Date
1.SPUR-PMU/191/GIS ..967Request for proposal(RFP) for selection of consultancy firms preparation of GIS base map of 12 Towns on 1:1000 scale.
[See Corrigendum!]
2.NULM-PMC/005/SM& ..530Selection of Agency for the printing of books of account for SHGs and Area Level Organizations formed under DAY-National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM)14/09/2016
3.03/SBM-01-14/201 ..647Notice inviting Bids for providing Services as Professional Communication Agency for Development and Provisioning of Information, Education and Communication (lEC) activities for Urban Development & Housing Department.
[See Corrigendum!]
4.SPUR-PMU/209/DEA ..452Notice Inviting Expression of Interest for "Preparation and maintenance of books of accounts on DEAS in 18 ULBs of Bihar" under SPUR.04/10/2016
5.SPUR-PMU/210/CGR ..278Notice Inviting Expression of Interest for Operation & Maintenance of Centralized Grievance Redressal cum MIS Cell in UD&HD, Bihar04/10/2016
6.04/HFA-15/2016/2 ..671RFP for Preparation of Housing For All Plan of Action(HFAPoA) & AIP for 140 ULBs in Bihar
[See Corrigendum!]
7.BUIDCo/PMU(ADBPr ..618Improvement of Water Supply in Gaya Municipal Corporation05/12/2016
8.04/SV-6/2015/290 ..559Short Term Tender Notice under DAY-NULM30/12/2016
9.04/HFA-19/16/293 ..516RFP for preparation of Housing For All Plan of Action (HFAPoA) & AIP for 90 ULBs in Bihar (Rebidding)10/01/2017
10.SPUR-PMU/191/GIS ..607Request for Proposal (RFP) for Selection of Consultancy Firms Preparation of GIS Base Map of 12 Towns on 1:1000 scale11/01/2017
11.SPUR-PMU/200/GBM ..936NIP & Request for Proposal (RFP) for Selection of Consultancy Firms for Preparation of GIS Based Master Plan for 26 towns of Bihar.
[See Corrigendum!]
12.SPUR-PMU/215/PS1 ..980Request for Proposal (RFP) for Selection of Consultancy Firms for Property Survey & Updation of Base Map for 11 Towns of Bihar under SPUR.
[See Corrigendum!]
13.UDHD/3/AMRUT-21- ..1217Request for Proposal For Appointment of Project Development & Management Consultant (PDMC) for projects in Bihar sanctioned under AMRUT
[See Corrigendum!]
14.04/NULM-81/20161588RFP for selection of resource organization for the formation & nurturing of SHGs, Area Level Federations and city level federations in 142 towns of Bihar under DAY-NULM.30/06/2017
15.04/le0-02/2015-1 ..277Notice lnviting Request for Proposals from eligible Consultants for appointrnent for Maintaining Books of Accounts of Bihar Urban Development Agency (BUDA) on Double Entry Accounting System in Bihar Urban Development Agency (BUDA) , Dept of Urban Development and Housing Govt. of Bihar
[See Corrigendum!]
16.BGCMS/2015/15/O1859Notice lnviting Bids for selection of cansultancy firm for setting up of Project Management Unit (PMU) under Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban) in Bihar.
[See Corrigendum!]
17.04/HFA-14/2015-1 ..564RFP for appointment of consultant for state level technical cell & city level technical cell under housing for all scheme.
[See Corrigendum!]
18.04/HFA-19/16/206 ..265RFP for preparation of Housing For All Plan of Action(HFAPoA) & AIP for cluster-VII(9 ULBs) in Bihar (Rebidding).25/09/2017


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