Tenders Due

Given below is the list of tenders that are active but will expire by next week itself. Click on NIT Number of any of the tenders to view.


 Tenders that will expire Next Week
SL NIT Views Subject Expiry Date
1.25/PR/BSPHCL/201 ..601RfP for Appointment of agency to provide comprehensive preventive health care services to the employees of BSPHCL & its subsidiaries25/09/2018
2.BRPNN/PT1/C001/1 ..246पटना जिलांतर्गत पुनपुन पिण्डदान स्थल पर लक्ष्मण झुला के सम्तुल्य Cable Suspension ओवर ब्रिज का निर्माण कार्य।25/09/2018
3.BRPNNL/CHAMP/C/0 ..159पश्चिम चम्पारण जिलांतर्गत मनुआपुल-योगापट्टी-नवलपुर-रतवल पथ के 4.05 वें कि.मी.में तिरहुत कैनाल पर बचाव एवं पहुंच पथ सहित (5X 18.00 मी.) आकार का उच्च्स्तरीय आर.सी.सी. पुल का निर्माण कार्य ।25/09/2018
4.BRPNNL/PT1/C001/ ..62Supply and installation of Microsoft Office (Paper License with life time validity) for B.R.P.N.N.L25/09/2018
5.BRPNNLPT1/C001/2 ..59Sealed Quotation are invited for fixation of rates only from experienced and reputed retrofitting specialised Firms/Companies/Agency for the following retrofitting work for flyover connecting Mithapur Flyover to Bhikhari Thakur (Yarpur) Flyovers Via R-Block Juction. 25/09/2018
6.CPIU-59/2018-87483Notice Inviting Quotation for Renovation of Pantry, Electrical & Air Conditioning works at campus of BSRDCL, Patna25/09/2018
7.PS/01/2018/BCST/ ..33CANCELLATION OF NOTICE INVITING e- TENDER NO. PS/01/2018/BCST/DST,DATED- 18/05/201825/09/2018
8.SPIUBIHAR/AC/18- ..244Corrigendum & Extension of Tender Submission Date for Selection of Internal Auditor for SPIU,Bihar.25/09/2018
10.PUR/02/2018-18102Auction Notice: Open bids are invited in the auction of constructon materials obtained from demolishing the 6 nos.of shades at south-west portion of Goat Breeding Unit at Maranga, Purnea on 26.09.2018.26/09/2018
11.RCD/3236/2018-19150Short Tender Notice: The Office of Executive Engineer, New Capital Road Division, RCD, Patna invites sealed bids for various works as mentioned in the tender document.26/09/2018
12.YAC/09/2018-1933Short Tender Notice: Sealed quotations are invited experienced and eligible Framers/Suppliers for Framing and Mounting of Prints being received from various International Mezzotint Artists.26/09/2018
13.YAC/10/2018-1937Short Tender Notice: Sealed quotations are invited experienced and eligible Printers/Suppliers for Printing of Mezzotint Catalogue comprised of various mezzotint prints being submitted by international Mezzotint Artists.26/09/2018
14.YAC/11/2018-1924Tender Notice: Sealed quotations are invited from interested suppliers for Supply/Rate of Supply of 4 Nos. of Radial Tubeless Tires (195-55-R-16) for Hyundai Verna with the Art, Culture & Youth Dept., Govt. of Bihar.27/09/2018
15.005/Exam/1023/AK ..153Tender Notice: The Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna invites sealed bids in prescribed format for Hiring of Vehicles (Innova, Safari, Indica, Xylo, Bolero, Sumo, Scorpio, Bus, etc.) on Monthly/Daily/Hourly basis as per its own requirements. The contract hiring of the vehicle will initially be for a period of one year.28/09/2018
17.04/2018223Tender Notice: Sealed quotations are being invited for awarding the contract of Daily Cleaning Work of various buildings/premises under control of the Finance Dept.28/09/2018
18.AKU/2018-395051Tender Notice: Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna invites sealed quotations under Two-Bid System for awarding contract of Horticulture, Landscape Development and Garden Maintenance to interested parties/service providers.01/10/2018


Tender documents will come up in a new window using MS-Word and/or Acrobat Reader installed in your system.